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Powerful water-cooled electric motor

The powerful, water-cooled electric motor produces an impressive 25 hp to the spindle, even though the saw weighs just 62 lbs.

Two-speed water-cooled gearbox

The WS 482 HF has one of the market’s most powerful engines, delivering an impressive 25 hp at 32 A. The two-speed water-cooled gearbox produces a wide rpm range and has the capacity to handle blades with diameters up to 24". This makes the saw suitable for many different applications.

Quick connection

The quick connection makes it easy to attach the saw unit to the carriage. First, you press the saw unit into place on the carriage, and then you attach the unit using the locking device.

Universal mounting

The smart and flexible universal mounting is a fairly revolutionary accessory that saves energy and time. Because the mounting pivots when positioned on the wall, it is simple to reposition the track during cutting. The mounting also allows you to easily carry out bevel cutting and stair cutting at a variety of angles

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